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At Abdallah Law Group P.C., we have over 19 years of experience in navigating the complex world of business law and obtaining the most desirable outcomes for our clients.

We are proud to serve businesses throughout Northern California, Central Valley, San Joaquin Valley, and the Bay Area. Our extensive business law experience allows us to assist our clients with a wide-reaching range of business issues including:

Corporate Formation


Confidentiality Agreements

Commercial Transactions

Mergers and Acquisitions


At Abdallah Law Group P.C. in Sacramento, California, our team has an extensive background in business law.

Business law encompasses the legal rules that regulate various aspects of commercial activities, such as contract formation, buying and selling, and competition. Additionally, it covers corporate law, which governs the formation and operation of various types of business organizations, including corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships. Moreover, business law also addresses the rights and interests of business stakeholders, such as owners, managers, partners, shareholders, and members.

Our firm offers prompt and inventive solutions to assist business owners, business partnerships, entities, sole proprietorships, liability companies, and corporations.

We serve as a valuable resource by providing guidance and facilitating commercial transactions, such as buying and selling businesses or business assets and equipment, as well as leasing commercial real estate.
Our advisory services encompass customized strategies and precise language to avoid potential issues and prevent future problems. We also assist clients in forming suitable business entities and navigating the options of corporations, LLCs, partnerships, and limited partnerships to find the best structure for their business. Ultimately, our streamlined approach ensures a smooth and seamless closing process, free of any unexpected surprises.

Our business attorneys offer steadfast and aggressive legal representation to individuals involved in business disputes during pre-lawsuit negotiations, court proceedings, and alternative dispute resolution forums, such as mediation and arbitration. Our legal team draws upon extensive experience in contract rights, business torts, and lease disputes in order to deliver our clients the most favorable outcomes. When faced with a business dispute, our lawyers are committed to representing your best interests, ensuring you receive the legal outcome you deserve.

Abdallah Law Group P.C. works closely with each of our clients to understand their vision, their mission, and the unique circumstances required to achieve their goals. We provide personalized service, a team of experienced experts, and prompt and efficient communication and action.

Our team is equipped to help our clients negotiate a wide range of business contracts. We help to draft, review and negotiate clear and concise business agreements. Our team will analyze all aspects of the transaction and consult with you to craft solutions that are legally sound and unambiguous. Our business lawyers provide you with sound expertise on a variety of contracts, including commercial leases, asset and stock purchases, and vendor and customer agreements