When I first spoke Mitch Abdallah about my case, I was worried it was a total long shot. Family and friends had been gently suggesting for weeks that it might be time to let my claim go and move on, but I just couldn't. I paid Mitch for a consultation and told him, "Tell me the truth about whether or not I have a claim."

Long story short, he thought I had something, too. As soon as he began representing me with the insurance company's lawyer, my claim started being taken more seriously. Ultimately, through the mediation process, Mitch helped me recover more money than he initially thought would even be possible. It speaks to his experience that he was able to align my expectations right from the beginning, and then over-deliver. The settlement wasn't as much as I hoped, but I have zero experience with this, and I was getting absolutely nowhere with the insurance company's lawyer on my own.

At one point during mediation when I was incredibly frustrated, I talked about leaving the offer on the table and walking away from the whole thing without taking any money at all because I was afraid of the strings attached to taking the money. Mitch was very calm and focused and kept my feet on the ground. There's no doubt that my settlement yesterday happened only because I retained Mitch and followed his advice, especially through difficult moments.

My health, relationships and business suffered as a result of carrying this legal fight for the past 11 months. No one can make me whole again but myself. For me, in order to move forward, I needed a chance to put up a good fight. I may not have gotten a Hollywood-movie-worthy settlement, but I also prevented myself from getting totally walked on by an insurance company, I had the chance to ask questions that have plagued me for months, and surprisingly, I actually got answers.

It's worth it to pay for a consultation with Mitch Abdallah. After my experience with him, I'd trust him to review your documentation and then tell the truth about the legal viability of your case. Even if he tells you don't have a legal case, it's worth it to discover that if only so you can move forward with your life. But if you find out that you do have a case, Mitch will make sure people take you seriously.
J. R.
I reached out to Mitchell A. regarding an HOA matter. He responded immediately and gave me knowledgeable advice. Unlike most lawyers I have come across, he did not try to ask for a bunch of money. I recommend him to anyone looking for HOA mediation help!
Ray H.
He is Very intelligent human being a great lawyer I highly recommend his services. He got me some information that it was hard for me to get, but he took care of it and he did it actually for free so I appreciate his service.
Anisa M.
Mitch was kind enough to write up a purchase contract for sale of my property to a buyer I found. Several agents I contacted wanted to charge 3%-4% commissions (even though no footwork, searching, etc, etc). Mitch covered the sale in a professional, legally binding (California Association of Realtors) contract for a very reasonable fee- saving me thousands of dollars from "agents commissions". Great experience. Thanks so much.
Dan H.
My mom hired Mitch services and she was very happy with the results. I have heard great things about him. He is professional, organized and really execute results. When my mom hired him, it really didn't take long before he convinced the other party to settle and avoid trial. Something that the previous lawyers did not do. My dad mentioned he is very knowledgeable and he really took care of them. My parents are very relaxed and happy now in their own property. Mitch was hired based on a great recommendation and my parents wished he was the first real estate lawyer they came a crossed. I have heard he specializes in bankruptcy so I will schedule an appointment for a consultation next.
Lily G.
This law office is great! They are very professional, always on time, very organized! I never had any issues with this office about anything. Richard took care of my paperwork and was always at every appointment with us. He is very helpful and knows what he is doing. If you have any issues with your credit, bankruptcy, or mortgage this office will take great care of you and meet all your needs. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Kate M.
I had a complex bankruptcy with a house, businesses, and other assets. Other attorneys didn't want to take the case because of all the issues. Mitch uses a consultant who was formerly a bankruptcy trustee. Together they navigated the bankruptcy rules very skillfully and were able to protect almost all my assets and avoid chapter 13. I'm very pleased with the results.
Charlie L.